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1.5mm Swirl


Trowel Plastering Finishes 


Just like paint, a trowel finish can add a modern feel to your home and an expensive look in just one coat. Achieve the texture you want with various grains of choice ranging from smooth to coarse and ultra coarse. in addition to that, you get to also choose various types of patterns like a shot blast and the popular swirl texture. Thomas Coat Finishes we are happy to help you transform your Interiors whether you are now starting or making a transition from painted walls to this detailed textured finish. 

       Call Thomas Coat Finishes for all your interior trowel texture              rendering. "We bring the inner beauty out." Get your free               detailed trowel plastering quote and a reasonable price plus       you will also get a free color consultation. We are a one-stop-shop        providing you with all you need to finish your projects. 

  • We ensure walls are properly prepared for application

  • No Mess. Our guys will cover the entire work areas with both card and plastic  

  • No need to move your furniture and ornaments we take care of that

  • Every piece of furniture will be protected and after completion will be put back in place  

Our Interior Trowel Plastering 

Interior Walls 


Drywall surfaces

Plywood surfaces

Feature walls 

Texture Designs 

Trowel Textured Finishes


Let's decorate your exteriors with texture and style

With our trowel textured finishes, we make your house a place to call home. The exterior of your home will be subject to nature's evolving weather conditions, Design & protect your exterior walls by the method of Trowel Plastering, it makes a whole difference; you can choose from a coarse to a smooth swirl texture or a shot blast texture as well for your exterior.    

Give us a call for your next exterior project let's bring the inner beauty out with color & texture. 

Get your free detailed trowel plastering quote at a reasonable price plus you will also get a free color consultation. We are a one-stop-shop providing you with all you need to finish your project. 

  • We take time to power wash all walls around your home, to achieve maximum adhesion for the application

  • No Mess. Our guys will cover the entire work areas with both card and plastic keeping your walkways free from all material droplets.   

  • No need to be cleaning up after our guys. We maintain a high level of tidiness, ensuring your place is cleaned after work each day. 

textured finishes Exterior

Our Trowel Plastering Process

How we work 

Easy Booking

Scheduling your free quotation is where it all starts, you can book online or call us. 

Free Consultation 

Let's join you on-site and view your project.

  • ​30min - 1hr live consultation onsite  

  • we'll give you a detailed proposal. 

  • we will guide you throughout your project every step of the way 


color & product selection | textures & designs | Threats, problems & solutions  

Flexible Time Schedule

When it is best for you, we'll come.

Work Flow

  • we will remove, and store any furniture that might be in the way.

  • Inspect surfaces for issues that can have a huge effect on your projects like cracks and water leaks etc .,

  • Setup Ladders, Scaffold, mask windows, doors, trim also drop cloths, and plastic then card box to prevent your floors from scratches and product spills.

  • Ensure all surfaces are well prepared before applying any materials.

  • Upon completion before the full clean-up, we will do the final walkthrough with you to ensure you are happy with our finishes    

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